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Author Topic: PalMz' Insane Warfare Mod v0.5.1 (pretty big update!)  (Read 3109 times)
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« on: May 30, 2020, 05:35:36 pm »

Okay, so it's time to announce... after numerous tests and sweats - we have a pretty big update of PalMz' Insane Warfare Mod! It's tested thoroughly by me and two testers and is now much more balanced than ever before! Grin

Welcome to this mod made for fun. It makes the game more dynamic and crazy in the late-game. The early-game looks the same. Please provide me some feedback in the comments below. I am also looking for game testers Smiley

Core features:

  • 250 population limit.
  • AI is capable of sending bigger armies.
  • Insane difficulty AI is now available.
  • Two new units for Good side: Elven Knight (Elf Warden) and Rohan Archer. They are upgradeable and usable for AI bots.
  • 17 new heroes, of which 9 campaign units were converted to heroes. 26 heroes total!
  • Heroes level up more powerful than before. Kind-of balanced.
  • Giant Ent, Balrog, Battering Ram and more is trainable for juicy prices.
  • AI bots will use Giant Ent and Balrog if they have the resources.
  • Ability to unlock advanced workers who can carry 50 % more resources.
  • Trolls and Huorn will now crush infantry like ants.
  • Stronghold and Fortress of Mordor are more like real forts. You can garrison units and get towers from upgrading.
  • More realistic damage multipliers between units, also called unit-counters.
  • A lot of adjustments spread all over the place.

Core balancing:

  • Troll Bonecleaver has no longer a 0.5x damage multiplier versus Huorn. The multipliers are now neutral.
  • Huorn's spell "Tree Form" has a reduced stun duration from 8 to 5 seconds. It will stand still and heal for the rest of the time.
  • Evil side can summon a clone of Grishnakh called "Orcflanc Orc" and another clone of King of Nazgul called "Khamul", to be used against the powerful Good side hero squad. The Good side, as well as Evil side, has a lot of another campaign heroes to summon however.
  • King of Nazgul (and Khamul) have easier to level up with the help of poisoning attacks. This hero usually get harrassed by the AI, probably because of his "rank" property.
  • Adjusted for bigger maps with more resources.
  • Both sides can build their "Battering Ram" for siege purposes.
  • Powerful armor upgrades for low-tech units to make them more useful late-game.

Changes in version v0.5:

-The hero level up progression is reworked. It's now a much smoother progress. It went from exponential to quadratic curve.
-Hero experience multiplier for melee class is slightly reduced, due to heroes leveling faster with smoother progress.
-Good side's Camps can now be built outside bases and create their own green-zones. This makes it easier to create new bases. Another solution for this is preferable, but this will do for now.
-All units' damage multipliers to all original heroes are increased from 0.85 to 1.0. This is because it was impossible to give new modded heroes a 15% protection from normal units.
-All heroes have (1/0.85)x more base health. This is to compensate for the increased damage multipliers.
-Gimli's and Grishnakh's armor is decreased from 9 to 8 armor at max level.
-Frodo and Gollum have more health, attack and armor.
-Warrior, Wizard and Ranged hero classes have about 10% more attack at max lvl.
-Troll Bonecleaver and Huorn are strongly nerfed in attack and armor. Health is slightly nerfed.
-Troll Bonecleaver and Huorn are equally effective against buildings. Huorn has a 50% less bonus against buildings, while the troll has slightly more bonus.
-Troll Bonecleaver and Huorn are no longer immune to stun effects, like Spider Paralyze and Gimli's Sunder.
-Trolls and Huorn costs more population points to minimize tank spamming. Bonecleaver and Huorn: 7. Stonehurler: 6.
-Troll Stonehurler has a bit more siege damage, splash damage and splash range.
-Troll Stonehurler now gets more attack from upgrades.
-Fortress of Mordor and Stronghold now have in-built towers from lvl 3. Lvl 5 grants Ballista for Good, and Evil can upgrade Poison Arrows manually.
-Castles can now garrison units inside. It would make the in-built towers shoot faster, too. Even the AI uses this!
-Warg Riders got buffed from 10 to 10.5 in attack, and from 205 to 210 in health.
-Added high class workers on both side factions. They are called Dwarven and Elven Workers. They can carry 50 % more resources.
-Battering Ram is no longer immune to slow effects.
-Fixed stats differences between Gandalf's Grey and White forms.
-Activated AI bot difficulty level 4: Insane.
-Gimli, Varin, Grishnakh and Orcflanc Orc has 1 less armor at max lvl. They are now equal to all other warriors.
-Gimli and Varin nerfed from 25 to 22 base damage.
-Gimli and Aragorn (Anduril's Fury) now gains XP slower as the other heroes.
-Balrog got nerfed from 70 to 65 attack.
-Good Campaign is now accidentally broken. Not sure if it can get fixed without compromising Skirmish play.
-Set Rally Point feature is now broken in tech-houses level 3 and above. This is because of the towers overriding the right-click functioning.
-The hero Baby Spider is added into the game again.

Changes in version v0.5.1:

-Added the new logo into the game.


-Further balancing.
-Add own descriptions.
-Make an Evil re-color of Dwarven Worker.
-Hero XP-thresholds adjustments and adaption between different classes.
-Add all the other hobbits from campaign.
-New fate powers.
-Fix the blank Khamul spell icon.
-Release a different version for playing campaign mode.
-Try to fix Khamul's free Bind Shadow.
-Nerf extreme fate/XP gain multiplier for some spells/special abilites.
-Make the hero stats more characteristic so that they fit their respective personalities.
-Attempt to make Battering Ram un-convertible by Saruman.



Thank you, TheRavenGames @ and Šeki @ Discord for play testing my numerous patches!
lbusanello @ for the ring's cross section in the title. I had to re-model the ring from it.



Q: Will you be updating this mod?
A: Most likely if you post a request in the comments below or if you want to test new inofficial patches.

Q: Can you add more features, such as flying dragons and pigs?
A: I wish I could. The current tools and accessibility to the game files are very limited. One would need the source code...

Download: (the file size is now too big for this forum)

* PalMz' Insane Warfare Mod title v2 crop.png (2226.41 KB, 1703x1310 - viewed 547 times.)
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« Reply #1 on: May 31, 2020, 04:02:44 pm »

Just returned to play War of the Ring again (and again)... and who do I see? PalMz! Damn dude, great to see u still active. I'll play good campaign and then use this mod to play evil campaign again, keep up the good work Smiley
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« Reply #2 on: June 01, 2020, 07:18:26 am »

Haha cool! Good timing, am I right? Cool
But I need to tell you that I have not really paid attention to what happens with campaign by the modding. It would break the missions where you have Elven and Dwarven workers, because you need Stronghold or FOMordor level 4 for these. At least they carry 50% more. Grin
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