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Author Topic: PalMz' Insane Warfare Mod v0.3 (outdated)  (Read 2643 times)
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« on: July 06, 2017, 04:47:43 pm »

Alright... since nobody wants to test my mod-in-progress. I'll release it as-is Tongue
This is an insane mod (as you can tell by reading its name) for War of The Ring. I wanted to make it crazy, with more powerful units, massive battles and such stuff. The "PalMz' Unit Counters Mod" is included.

Read the HELP-files, so you get to know what to do with this mod.

I strongly recommend using this mod on maps with plenty of extra resources.
You can play it in multiplayer in small maps. But if you are going for bigger maps, it is guaranteed to crash.
I have discovered the occurance of a bug that freezes the game when playing with AI bots. Every new match, there's always a chosen AI bot who will cause a game-freeze when you attack its base. Which means, you have to be lucky that your teammate bot is the "chosen one", or you won't be able to win the match.

I do not have any explanations for the small details I have changed, sorry!

Implemented trainable units:
  • Elf-warden (upgradeable)
  • Rohan Archer (upgradeable with fire arrows and maybe improved range)
  • Balrog (increased movement speed)
  • Giant Ent (increased movement speed)
  • Battering Ram (adjusted for multiplayer. AI bots are not allowed to train it, since they don't know how to use it correctly)
  • Almost all Good-side Heroes

Other major changes:
  • 250 population points limit (that's absolutely too much, since it is able to crash the game when playing with AI bots).
  • Heroes are more balanced (but still problematic).
  • Heroes gain more power for each level, in an accelerating way.
  • Heroes can easier gain experience. For example, through their spells and special attacks.
  • It's possible to gain fate with magical spells and poisons.
  • Troll Bonecleaver, Troll Stonehurler, Huorn, Bear, Balrog and Giant Ent can knockback several footmen to their backs on each hit (Bear also have an extra attack damage bonus against most infantry).
  • A more realistic unit-counters system, rather than just having rock-paper-scissors (for more information, take a look at my PalMz' - Unit-Counters Mod).
  • Armor upgrades up to +6 points from base value, giving more durable late-game fights.
  • Weak early-game units gets more power from both the second and third attack-and-armor upgrades.
  • Stronghold and Fortress of Mordor level-upgrades are a bit more costy in both time and resources.
  • All buildings have 25% more health, but there are a few units that have some extra bonus against buildings.
  • Huorn's "Tree Form" special ability stuns units for 5 seconds instead of 8, and is still healing itself for 8 secs.
  • Some Attack/Armor Upgrades series are only two instead of three, as this is the only way to implement new Upgrades and other stuff.
  • Elven Lightbearer's "Light of Lothlorien" spell is infinitely stackable. This makes Hard AI bots a true nightmare with those.
  • Multiple "Global Spells" casts is allowed, which means you can i.e. summon several Balrogs/Giant Ents at the same time.
  • Saleme and Gandalf can heal like Beorning does.
  • All poisons wears off in a linear speed, and therefore goes from doubled strength to zero.

I have also found a crazy method for making AI bots send massive forces, "Fate of Savage" mod. That works by implementing almost all the campaign characters and making them cost 1 fate point and build in only 10 seconds. You have to add a bunch of fate-boosting Place of Powers in an inaccessible corner of a map, only letting them to control those. It works well, actually! Modified versions of my own maps are included.

v0.2 Update:

  • Uruk-Hai Captain (Uruk-Hai Boss) now costs 2 fate instead of 1, and is slightly buffed with health and armor.
  • Troll Elder (Troll Bonecleaver Boss) now costs 2 fate instead of 1, and is majorly buffed with armor.
  • AI bots are able to send armies in sizes up to 36 units instead of 12.
  • For stability purposes, I disallowed some Fate of Savage units that AI bots never used. However, this might get fixed in future releases.

v0.3 Update:
  • Most important of all: Fate of Savage maps are now actually possible to win at Hard setting! Sorry for that nighmare Roll Eyes
  • Re-adjusted Upgrades for early-game units to buff them a tiny bit more, which attempts to flatten out units' different powers for late-game.
  • Re-adjusted Attack/Armor Upgrade costs to work as intended.
  • Re-adjusted Technology Level requirements for some Fate of Savage units and those two-series Upgrades.
  • Troll Elder have a little less armor this time. Tongue
  • Shelob now has much less attack and health.
  • Dwarf Axethrower's "Razor Edge" ability now hits three units in total and loses less damage per hit.
  • Saruman's "Invisible Force" spell now recharges in 30 seconds instead of 40(?).
  • Saruman's "Pestilience" spell now recharges in 40 seconds instead of 45 and have a radius of 9 instead of 6(?).
  • Elven Lightbearer is now able to heal 30 HP every 6 seconds. That's cute Tongue
  • It now costs 7 fate again to "Summon Balrog/Giant Ent". These giants are markably buffed anyway.
  • It now costs 4 fate again to "Summon Obelisk". Damage ratio is adjusted, 1/3 to unit and 2/3 to Obelisk structure.
  • Draelor is now an actual Hero. Level him up!
  • Giant ent is a bit slower, 20 % instead of 25 % faster than original speed.

I am also looking for buddies who want to play over Hamachi or Tunngle. I am not picky or evil, just comment here or PM me! Smiley

***It had to be splitted into two parts. The first part contains the main mod files, and the second part contains a few more Fate of Savage prepared maps***

* PalMz' Insane Warfare Mod v0.3 - Part 1.rar (4394.63 KB - downloaded 219 times.)
* PalMz' Fate of Savage Mod Maps 2017-07-22 - Part 2.rar (3900.04 KB - downloaded 215 times.)
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« Reply #1 on: July 10, 2017, 12:32:56 am »

I'm down to play online with someone again too.  If I can ever get back into playing this game (Player Unknown's Battlegrounds eats up much of my time), I will definitely try this mod.

I was thinking about playing this game again just the other day...

What's your Steam username?  I'll add you.

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« Reply #2 on: July 10, 2017, 10:49:00 am »

Sounds great! Grin There's no need to "refresh your skills" for this game. It's much more of a funny moment of the day Smiley

If I get to know what makes my own maps crash the game, it would be nice to play a match in one of my own maps!

Steam username is probably "palmz17", but you can follow this link instead to find my profile:
« Last Edit: July 15, 2017, 10:31:04 am by PalMz17 » Logged
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« Reply #3 on: July 29, 2017, 11:28:10 am »

I added you as a friend on steam. 

carn solus
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« Reply #4 on: December 18, 2017, 08:17:15 pm »

added you also
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