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 on: June 24, 2017, 05:13:24 am 
Started by Skirmant - Last post by Lay Rong
Well its finally Christmas! Time to celebrate and be with your family!

 Gclub มือถือ

 gclub online

 on: March 05, 2017, 12:11:54 am 
Started by PalMz17 - Last post by carn solus
I like a lot of the ideas here
unfortunately, I'm working on my own mod and I'm otherwise pretty busy

 on: February 15, 2017, 06:50:53 pm 
Started by PalMz17 - Last post by PalMz17
Hey, You!
I am the guy who recently uploaded a map and a tiny simple mod. I am a heavy metal musician artist and do often play good-old-games with charming gameplays. Cheesy
However, I have a pretty crazy mod in progress...

Implemented trainable units:
  • Elf-warden (upgradeable)
  • Rohan Archer (upgradeable)
  • Balrog (increased movement speed)
  • Giant Ent (increased movement speed)
  • Battering Ram (adjusted for multiplayer. AI bots are not allowed to train it, since they don't know how to use it correctly)

Other major changes:
  • 250 population points limit (that's absolutely too much, since it is able to crash the game when playing with AI bots)
  • Heroes are more balanced (but still problematic)
  • Heroes gain more power for each level, in an accelerating way
  • Heroes can easier gain experience. For example, through their spells and special attacks
  • Troll Bonecleaver, Troll Stonehurler, Huorn, Balrog and Giant Ent can knockback several footmen to their backs on each hit (Bear have an extra attack damage bonus against most infantry instead)
  • A more realistic unit-counters system, rather than just having rock-paper-scissors (for more information, take a look at my PalMz' - Unit-Counters Mod)
  • Armor upgrades up to +6 points from base value, giving more durable late-game fights
  • Weak early-game units gets more power from both the second and third attack-and-armor upgrades
  • Stronghold and Fortress of Mordor level-upgrades are a bit more costy in both time and resources
  • All buildings have 25% more health, but there are a few units that have some extra bonus against buildings

I have also found a crazy method for making AI bots send massive forces, "Fate of Savage" mod. That works by implementing almost all the campaign characters and making them cost 1 fate point and build in only 10 seconds. You have to add a bunch of fate-boosting Place of Powers in an inaccessible corner of a map, only letting them to control those. It works well, actually!

So, shall we to test this mod together? I live in the UTC +1 timezone, but my current private daily rhythms is actually about 6 hours later, like UTC +7. Tongue Voice-chatting would be really nice.

On the other hand; if you even dare to play this currently-painfully unstable mod with lots of issues by yourself; I won't prevent you! Send me a PM to get the latest version of total madness! Wink Oh come on... don't you worry! I am online regularly, checking for updates on this WOTR forum page Smiley

 on: January 25, 2017, 01:16:46 am 
Started by Cbullet - Last post by earnolmartin
And if that doesn't work, PM me.

 on: January 25, 2017, 01:16:02 am 
Started by PalMz17 - Last post by earnolmartin
Will check it out.  Thanks!

 on: January 25, 2017, 01:15:37 am 
Started by PalMz17 - Last post by earnolmartin
Awesome!  I'll have to try it sometime.  Thanks for contributing. 

 on: January 25, 2017, 01:12:24 am 
Started by Skirmant - Last post by earnolmartin

 on: January 25, 2017, 12:23:30 am 
Started by PalMz17 - Last post by PalMz17
I have been working on the poorly-made rock-paper-scissors counters system. It contains 235+ of about 600+ available changes. The mod is not intented to automatically balance up the game, but it does at least make a few improvements.

Here's my assumptions:

  • The main thing here is attack damage modifiers between different units.
  • Short-armed melee units counters long-armed melee units with a bonus of +50 %. The other way has discount of -10 %.
  • Long-armed melee units counters mounted units and small beasts with +100 % bonus. Other way has -20 %. They also counters big beasts and creatures with +50 % bonus, -10 % other way.
  • Mounted melee units counters short-armed melee units with a bonus of +50 %. The other way has a discount of -10 %.
  • Ranged units have a neutral multiplier of 1x to all units.
  • Melee units have a bonus of +50 % against ranged units (as they are defenseless). Mounted melee units have a bonus of +100 % against ranged units. (except against Uruk-Hai and Dwarf Axethrower, treated as hybrids)(Bear counts as mounted unit).
  • Small beasts and big beasts and creatures have a neutral counter to all units, except for those who have a positive counter against them. That brings them discounts.
  • All units have a discount of -15 % to heroes. This multiplier is originally set neutral for Uruk-Hai, and I haven't touched it yet.

All the exceptions are mentioned and described in the readme file.

The zip file contains two versions, one with the limit of +75 % bonus and the other with +100 % bonus limit. It also contains the source text file (for making your own changes, including original values commented) and the readme file, which contains my documentation for the proccess, where you can see all the specific changes.

-----Good to know-----
Troll Bonecleaver originally had a hidden damage modifier of -50 % against Huorn, which is a terrible mistake to do! Tongue AND there were even a few more hidden multipliers like this... Ranger had at least one of the same against some. Giant Spider had a neutral modifier against Legolas. Haradrim Slayer had a -30 % against Saruman.
The original system only had +50/-10 % values.

 on: January 24, 2017, 09:03:17 pm 
Started by PalMz17 - Last post by PalMz17
I've been working on an atmospheric map with a currently focused aggressive gameplay. It sort of looks like an enclosed Hell! Grin

  • 512x512 m, but still pretty tight. Wink
  • Up to 8 players.
  • 4 plateaus. The 3 main plateaus can work as team-islands as long as you toggle "Allies Nearby" on and restart a few times.
  • 3 bridges between the main and center plateau.
  • 3 terrain ramps for accessing the lower middle ground.
  • 13 Place of Powers. All different and somewhat balanced. There are even all the three Balrog's Place of Powers, which is not as OP and also affects Giant Ent in my own mod (in progress).
  • About 4 pairs of resources per player, with a few extra orepiles. The big number causes some resource-icons to not render on the mini-map.
  • Mordor textures.
  • Chaotic visuals! Shocked
  • Not particulalry dark in terms of lightning. Tongue
  • In testing state for gameplay due to some spawn-points not working smoothly (Which is really plaguing when it comes to tight map-making).
  • No walker- and building passability holes.
  • No camera diving holes. That's a single huge camera plane, precisely aligned along the main-height.
  • Not yet optimized for minimum data-weight.
  • Due to bridges being tricky to apply correctly on maps, during crowded battles on a bridge, your units can automatically run all the way around to the lower middle ground. I might fix that, but the spawn-points is more important right now.

Overview screenshot:

 on: January 24, 2017, 07:23:51 pm 
Started by Cbullet - Last post by PalMz17
Nice to see you! Smiley

You have to keep the original execute inside the game folder before you run the patch. When it's done, you replace it with the Widescreen hack crack. The no-cd crack you mentioned doesn't work with the patch.
However... if there is another problem with the patcher, you might have to re-arrange your game folder so its path follows the standard setting for the installer.

Here you have the topic with the original execute attached:

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