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Title: How to get a first class restarunt ?
Post by: pagosapunk on April 24, 2009, 05:24:39 pm
Does anyone have any good hints or ideas ?

I've been stuck on like the 3rd campain for a while now cuz I can't figure it out


when I play it on free mode in New York with $9 mil I get frist clarse all the time



Title: Re: How to get a first clarse restarunt ?
Post by: earnolmartin on April 26, 2009, 11:24:31 am
Superior Furniture
Large Restaurant
Good Employees
Good Ingredients from a Warehouse.

I think that's all you need.

Title: Re: How to get a first clarse restarunt ?
Post by: pagosapunk on April 26, 2009, 06:36:50 pm
whats your reasoning for superior furniture ?

I heard you had to bribe the mayor alot

and have 70% everything for big shots in one restaurant

but I haven't tested it...

Title: Re: How to get a first clarse restarunt ?
Post by: earnolmartin on April 27, 2009, 03:41:24 pm
Oh yes.  You must bribe the mayor.   ::) 

Start early, and no one will out bribe you if you pay $5000 per quarter.  I'm not sure on the exact money figures, but bribing him the least amount possible always makes him more lenient and satisfied with your restaurant. 

It's actually been a while since I've played this game, but I really did master it.  It's amazing because so many people said it was so hard.  I beat it quickly, and I smash the competition. 


Title: Re: How to get a first clarse restarunt ?
Post by: pagosapunk on April 27, 2009, 05:43:40 pm
I notice I bribed him the first quarter and then next quarter his happiness thingy goes down to nothing...

its just stupid level 3

I can do any city on Godfather

and get gourmet stars for all my restaurants

and bring in like $4 mil

without bribing the mayor

it kinda ticks me of software 2000 went bankrupt

FFT4 would have been crazy


Title: Re: How to get a first clarse restarunt ?
Post by: tonythecomic on August 05, 2009, 01:43:45 pm
I just got finished Rome. So I learned how to do get a five star restaurant. Just two weeks ago. Here's the info. For a Star cater to big need  Best of staff , best quality food distributor, Bribing the mayor to the max, and well arranged Superior furniture. Plus when you enter and  win a pizza contest your chances of getting more customer visits from big shots increases and the more happy big shot go to you place the more chances you will get a star.

The tricky part is getting the best staff and the arranged furniture once I got that part I won a star.
Here what I did to get those two areas in shape.

Best Staff

You need to get your personnel in top shape. Upgrade health and other stats to 100 percent and the big shots will love who ever you hired. You can upgrade health and another stat at the same time if you click health first, they then allow you to upgrade other stats like speed, cooking, and ect. Make sure that motivation is at the high once you have all the other stats at max. This usually puts the rating of the worker over 100 efficient.
Get a manager with a level 3 HQ with that you can use the computer to adjust speed, furniture repair, pizza quality etc.  In Manger Put furniture repair on high, pizza item quality high, ready to please high, ingredients high. Leave alone speed because making your staff faster normally makes them lose heath. This will make every one including big shots happy with your staff. You can see what effect each selection does by watching the happiness pie chart when you slide the respective manger stats.


  Make sure manger has furniture state at max. You will see no improvement in the customerís happiness pies chart for state of furniture when at max but max is needed because top shaped furniture is a must to keep you big shots happy for the star award. You can have the computer put down furniture for you but the highest rating you'll get by keeping on hiring an interior decorate in the game is a 60 percent approval rating by big shots.  By reclicking interior decorator it is costly furniture is expensive but it will show you basic layout the computer uses and you can mimic this in your own design later.  On my own  after learning what the computer  does The highest I can get the big shots to like the furniture is around 72 percent. This is how I do it I uses the best Superior ovens  4  Superior flooring , Superior wall.   Best Superior tables, and best Superior chairs placed one table with only 2 chairs. Place each table one table apart from each other . I start off with a row of tables near the kitchen. I then put a piano down from the row of tables. I put another row of tables and chairs(one table 2 chairs)  below the piano with the piano being in the middle.  And then I place 2 statues against the wall at opposite ends  in the restaurant  and 3 blue simple flowers around  the statue.  Then I might try superior dividers to increase  the approval level.  Every piece of future to see if it a good or bad improvement to your restaurant you need to click status then future to have the computer update the rating of what you added. You need to keep refresh the future rating when you by an item to see if the customers like what and where you placed it. Remember classical music is what makes big shots like your furniture more.  Keep restaurant clean by taking time off or you will never get a star.

You can get a star in Paris with at least rating in personnel of 90, furniture 55, and good menus for Big shots
There you go. Try it

Title: Re: How to get a first class restarunt ?
Post by: earnolmartin on November 19, 2009, 06:14:17 pm
Thanks a lot for your contribution, tonythecomic.   ;D