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Title: PalMz' Insane Warfare Mod v0.4.1 (outdated)
Post by: PalMz17 on September 17, 2018, 07:21:24 pm
Welcome to this mod made for fun. It makes the game more dynamic and crazy in the late-game. The early-game looks the same.

Core features:
  • 250 population limit.
  • AI is capable of sending bigger armies.
  • Two new units for Good side: Elven Knight (Elf Warden) and Rohan Archer. They are upgradeable and usable for AI bots.
  • 17 new heroes, of which 9 campaign units were converted to heroes. 26 heroes total!
  • Heroes level up more powerful than before. Kind-of balanced.
  • Giant Ent, Balrog, Battering Ram and more is trainable for juicy prices.
  • AI bots will use Giant Ent and Balrog if they have the resources.
  • Trolls and Huorn will now crush infantry like ants.
  • More realistic damage multipliers between units, also called unit-counters.
  • A lot of adjustments spread all over the place.

Core balancing:
  • Troll Bonecleaver has no longer a 0.5x damage multiplier versus Huorn. The multipliers are now neutral.
  • Huorn's spell "Tree Form" has a reduced stun duration from 8 to 5 seconds. It will stand still and heal for the rest of the time.
  • Evil side can summon a clone of Grishnakh called "Orcflanc Orc" and another clone of King of Nazgul called "Khamul", to be used against the powerful Good side hero squad. The Good side, as well as Evil side, has a lot of another campaign heroes to summon however.
  • King of Nazgul (and Khamul) have easier to level up with the help of poisoning attacks. This hero usually get harrassed by the AI, probably because of his "rank" property.
  • Adjusted for bigger maps with more resources.
  • Both sides can build their "Battering Ram" for siege purposes.

Changes from version v0.3:
  • A lot of campaign units and heroes had to be disabled for AI bots. The game doesn't freeze as often now.
  • Converted 9 units into heroes: Orc Captain, Uruk-Hai Captain, Troll Bonecleaver Boss, Shelob, Baby Spider, Corrupted Soul, Varin, and Belenthrond.
  • Trolls and Huorn are totally up-sized in their power. They cost much more and are crucial to the late-game.
  • Balrog and Giant Ent are limited to one unit at a time.
  • The resource settings Low, Medium and High yields 9'000, 13'500 and 99'999.
  • The hero "Khamul" have a low aura of damage, which will level him up.
  • Arrow attacks make only 20 % of their damage to buildings.

Fixes in version v0.4.1:
  • Giant Ent and Theoden are now buildable again. There was an issue getting allowed to build them.



Q: Will you be updating this mod?
A: Probably... that would be at a very low pace.

Q: Can you add more features, such as flying dragons and pigs?
A: I wish I could. The current tools and accessibility to the game files are very limited. One would need the source code...

Title: Re: PalMz' Insane Warfare Mod v0.4
Post by: Ommalley on October 16, 2018, 12:17:06 pm
250 is too much: I've tried on 3 different computers and one was a 4th gen i7 with 2GB Nvidia. It simply shuts down, freezes or crashes above 220 population, sometimes even around 190!
In late game AI ignores Rangers and Wraiths, so it's not able to spot Haradrims nor elfs.
Dain gets stuck after a while. If he was attacking, standing or running, he's stuck in that action until death and after that cannot be summoned again. He's fun, but after a wile becomes tedious.
I think Gandalf's attack is too low at lv. 10 (30 or 33) while Boromir should be as strong as Aragorn (he was a badass!).
Ents and Barlogs can't be summoned unless using fate (or maybe it's a problem no one else is facing, just me).

Overall a gerat mod, you are awesome!

Tip: why don't make Savages playable and upgradable? Those guys are 30/7!

Title: Re: PalMz' Insane Warfare Mod v0.4
Post by: PalMz17 on October 16, 2018, 02:49:26 pm
That's right, I need more feedback like this!  :D

250 pop: Yeah, the game engine doesn't tolerate hoarding... and also, there's still a crashing risk for whatever amount of units you have...  :'(
Late-game AI forgetting detectors: True. It seems impossible to change how the AI priors units through the LQR files.
Dain: I am not sure which hero you are refering to. I have only seen Wulfhelm freeze when you activate his spell.
Gandalf: I agree that he has a low melee attack. This is due to the balance between Saruman and Gandalf...
Boromir: Hahah oh... Aragorn with his unfair Anduril's Fury buff spell. I guess I should buff Boromirs attack natively.
Ents and Balrogs: I can't recall if I changed their cost to resources or fate points. The price should be 2500/2000 or 7 right now.
Savages: You are totally right, they are a disappointment! This is because they only cost about 150 resources. Maybe I could amplify them!

Title: Re: PalMz' Insane Warfare Mod v0.4
Post by: Ommalley on October 17, 2018, 12:43:31 pm
Well, I've been around 120 pop a lot, I used to play with my non patched original game stealing Bonecleavers with Saruman a lot. And with your version 200 seemed to work great for a whole week, I don't know why it crashed on 190 two days ago.
Yes, but in the non modded version AI didn't forget detectors. Maybe it's because you've added archers: now AI seems would rather have them.
Sorry, I meant Varin (left in the attachment), he's the one that gets stuck. Belenthrod or others just work fine. Wulfhelm never freezes, But he hasn't got any spell or additional power, he's just a vanilla Boromir.
Varin and Gimli have 56 ATK on lv. 10 it's unfair that they're so much powerful if Gandalf, Legolas and others are around 30ies.
Savages: again, sorry,  I meant Wild Men, you'll see one in the attachments. They aren't a playable unit, they were in a Saruman quest, but they're really powerful: ATK 30 DEF 3.
7 fate is the common Giant Elf with a limited lifetime and that's the only one I could summon (see attachment for resources) 2000/2000 are the ones (Ents/Barlogs) only the AI seems to be able to summon.

Title: Re: PalMz' Insane Warfare Mod v0.4
Post by: PalMz17 on October 18, 2018, 07:02:39 am
Alright, thanks for clarification. I should take a look at those issues next time I work on this  :) But the Giants problem needs to be checked as soon as possible!

Title: Re: PalMz' Insane Warfare Mod v0.4.1 ***Updated with fixes
Post by: PalMz17 on November 23, 2019, 09:09:00 am
Hey. Update time! :D
Giant Ent and Theoden are now buildable again. There was an issue getting allowed to build them.