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Title: PalMz' War of The Ring Trainer v1.0
Post by: PalMz17 on July 20, 2017, 10:16:30 pm
My auto-generated trainer is here! Thanks to Cheat Engine being user-friendly. ;D


  • Set Resources to 99999 and/or freeze their values.
  • Set Maximum Pop Limit to 999 (this will work in Multiplayer if you do this simultaneously).
  • Set your current Pop Limit to 999.
  • Freeze the Slavemaster counter. This is for training more than 12 of those and get above 180 Pop Points as Evil faction (It may crash if you kill them all and still have the counter frozen).

This might only work for the 1.01.0011 patch with the widescreen hack.

You can click on the "About" button to get neccessary information.

Stay tuned for more stuff from me! ;D