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Title: PalMz' Unit Counters Mod
Post by: PalMz17 on January 25, 2017, 12:23:30 am
I have been working on the poorly-made rock-paper-scissors counters system. It contains 235+ of about 600+ available changes. The mod is not intented to automatically balance up the game, but it does at least make a few improvements.

Here's my assumptions:

  • The main thing here is attack damage modifiers between different units.
  • Short-armed melee units counters long-armed melee units with a bonus of +50 %. The other way has discount of -10 %.
  • Long-armed melee units counters mounted units and small beasts with +100 % bonus. Other way has -20 %. They also counters big beasts and creatures with +50 % bonus, -10 % other way.
  • Mounted melee units counters short-armed melee units with a bonus of +50 %. The other way has a discount of -10 %.
  • Ranged units have a neutral multiplier of 1x to all units.
  • Melee units have a bonus of +50 % against ranged units (as they are defenseless). Mounted melee units have a bonus of +100 % against ranged units. (except against Uruk-Hai and Dwarf Axethrower, treated as hybrids)(Bear counts as mounted unit).
  • Small beasts and big beasts and creatures have a neutral counter to all units, except for those who have a positive counter against them. That brings them discounts.
  • All units have a discount of -15 % to heroes. This multiplier is originally set neutral for Uruk-Hai, and I haven't touched it yet.

All the exceptions are mentioned and described in the readme file.

The zip file contains two versions, one with the limit of +75 % bonus and the other with +100 % bonus limit. It also contains the source text file (for making your own changes, including original values commented) and the readme file, which contains my documentation for the proccess, where you can see all the specific changes.

-----Good to know-----
Troll Bonecleaver originally had a hidden damage modifier of -50 % against Huorn, which is a terrible mistake to do! :P AND there were even a few more hidden multipliers like this... Ranger had at least one of the same against some. Giant Spider had a neutral modifier against Legolas. Haradrim Slayer had a -30 % against Saruman.
The original system only had +50/-10 % values.

Title: Re: PalMz' Unit Counters Mod
Post by: earnolmartin on January 25, 2017, 01:15:37 am
Awesome!  I'll have to try it sometime.  Thanks for contributing.