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Title: Custom map: PalMz - Darkest Nether v2 ***Updated 2017-07-15***
Post by: PalMz17 on January 24, 2017, 09:03:17 pm
I've been working on an atmospheric map with a currently focused aggressive gameplay. It sort of looks like an enclosed Hell! ;D

  • 512x512 m, but still pretty tight. ;)
  • Up to 8 players.
  • 4 plateaus. The 3 main plateaus can work as team-islands as long as you toggle "Allies Nearby" on and restart a few times.
  • 3 bridges between the main and center plateau.
  • 3 terrain ramps for accessing the lower middle ground.
  • 13 Place of Powers. All different and somewhat balanced. There are even all the three Balrog's Place of Powers, which is not as OP and also affects Giant Ent in my own mod (in progress).
  • About 4 pairs of resources per player, with a few extra orepiles. The big number causes some resource-icons to not render on the mini-map.
  • Mordor textures.
  • Chaotic visuals! :o
  • Not particulalry dark in terms of lightning. :P
  • In testing state for gameplay due to some spawn-points not working smoothly (Which is really plaguing when it comes to tight map-making).
  • No walker- and building passability holes.
  • No camera diving holes. That's a single huge camera plane, precisely aligned along the main-height.
  • Not yet optimized for minimum data-weight.
  • Due to bridges being tricky to apply correctly on maps, during crowded battles on a bridge, your units can automatically run all the way around to the lower middle ground. I might fix that, but the spawn-points is more important right now.

v2 - Updated visuals:
  • Edited global lightning that gives way more contrasts and also acts a bit like a "bloom effect" on the textures, making it way hotter than before! :o
  • Edited Fog-of-war effect, more dusty this time
  • Better blood-rivers and volcano lava
  • Changed from Skydome to Skybox, for the sake of performance (You don't even see the sky, soo...  ??? )
  • Nothing else, actually :P

Overview screenshots:
v1 - (
v2 - (

Title: Re: Custom map: PalMz - Darkest Nether
Post by: earnolmartin on January 25, 2017, 01:16:02 am
Will check it out.  Thanks!