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Title: D General Information
Post by: earnolmartin on July 01, 2011, 06:47:09 pm
D General Information

If you run Windows 2000, XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7, you'll need to download and install DosBox.  DosBox is the only emulator that can run this DOS game with semi-decent quality.  The graphics were amazing back in the days of DOS; unfortunately, it has not aged well, but I still managed to play it a 320 x 200 on my 1920 x 1200 monitor  ;D

Basically, just run the setup executable under DosBox after you've mounted the CD.  I'd use Daemon Tools Lite (free) to mount the disc images to the drive.  Then, I would automount the CD drive so that DosBox can access it everytime it boots.  I would also mount a drive, most likely C, to point to your desired installation directory of D.  I'd create the folder under Windows first.

For more information regarding the DosBox configuration, check this out: (

It's basically the same setup, just replace LBA with D ---  :)

Also, as of version 0.74 of DosBox, I'd recommend launching the DosBox executable with the following shortcut parameters:

dosbox.exe -conf

This will allow you to house the DosBox.conf configuration file within the actual directory in which DosBox is installed.  It makes it much easier to find in my opinion, so that you can add the autoexec lines to the DosBox.conf file so that DosBox mounts your drives automatically each time you start DosBox

Download Links

Download Now At Laura's Lair (


If you need help, consult the ReadMe.txt file included first, and if that doesn't solve your problem, post here.

Additional Information / Hope for Better Graphics

Also, for all DOS game fans out there, there is neat utility called Glidos ( (plays many other games besides Tomb Raider) that works with DosBox to upscale your games to modern resolutions and make them look better than ever.  Tomb Raider looks amazing running under Glidos, but unfortunately, I haven't been able to get D to work with Glidos properly.  The author is looking at the problem, so we may one day have better graphics.   :)