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Title: LBA1 on a mac installation questions
Post by: vickychristina on January 08, 2011, 10:33:28 pm
I've been trying to install LBA1 for quite a while now, and keep running into snaffus, but I finally am close! Only one or two more problems to solve before I can play.
I have a mac, so am using the MSDOS version and playing through DosBox. I converted the .nrg file from the download to a .iso using a program I found online, then mounted the iso as a drive that called itself 'Adeline'

So, in DosBox (following the installation guide found at i mount first the CD drive using the following

mount -t cdrom d /Volumes/Adeline

Then, I'm supposed to mount my LBA directory. 

QUESTION 1: where exactly is my LBA directory? Do I have to make it? Am I supposed to copy the files from the .iso into a folder on my harddrive? I've tried doing this and not doing this and it didn't seem to make much difference. Regardless, I encounter question 2:

QUESTION 2: Even after I've mounted the CD drive, whenever I try to run the game using lba.exe I am kicked out from the game booting by the 'No CD' message in DOSBOX. How do I get around this? I have tried various combinations of mounting the drive, running from it, mounting other drives etc etc but nothing works. Can anyone help???

I've been dying to play this games again! I played them both when I was younger and loved them, and it's been too long!

Title: Re: LBA1 on a mac installation questions
Post by: earnolmartin on January 10, 2011, 12:33:38 pm
Our images cannot be converted into ISO format.  Doing so will generate the no cd error, as the disc no longer matches the original image.  ISO doesn't support multiple CD sessions.  That's why it was not offered in ISO format to begin with.

As for LBA1, there is an installer that works on Windows machines to create the LBA directory.  Since you're using a MAC, the installer will not work.  I will take a look at how our CD is structured for a quick refresher, and I will upload what you need for the LBA directory in a zip file.

This will take some time, but it should be done within a week.