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Title: 100% FIX!!
Post by: wkw427 on August 08, 2010, 04:37:19 pm
I've been mucking around with a virtual machine running windows ME. I've gotten the OS to work flawlessly, but have thus far not tested to see if FFT2 will work, but in theory, it should.

I'll try it and post back.

Title: Re: 100% FIX!!
Post by: wkw427 on August 08, 2010, 05:07:50 pm
Could not find edit.

But it works.



How to do this..

What you will need:
A computer running windows XP or higher
At least a 2ghz processor with at least 1gb of ram (you'll be running TWO operating systems)
Virtual PC 2007
A legal or illegal copy of windows ME (only tried it on ME. ME isn't supported, so it isn't necessarily legal or illegal to download it.)

1. Run Virtual PC 2007, create a machine, about 500mb of ram and 10gb of hard disk space
a.Put your windows ME disk in your drive, and under CD, click "use disk drive"
b.Under CD, click mount from an image and mount windows ME
3. Follow onscreen instructions to install it, will take about half an hour
4. When windows ME is loaded and on desktop, working fully, put FFT2 into your disk drive (or use an iso like smart people who BACK UP THEIR OLD GAMES!!) and mount it, as per 2a and 2b.
5. Install
6. Press action - Install or Update Virtual Machine Adons, hit OK, install, restart\
7. You can now change desktop resolution, color quality, and all that. Game works.

Title: Re: 100% FIX!!
Post by: earnolmartin on August 09, 2010, 12:55:22 am
Thanks again for the helpful information.  Keep letting us know if you find other solutions!   ;D