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Title: Do you have any issues installing LBA 2 or any questions?
Post by: earnolmartin on June 16, 2007, 11:31:25 am
Little Big Adventure 2 Issues

Have any problems installing LBA 2 or getting LBA 2 to work?  If so, or if you have any other questions, please post them in a new topic.

Issues we have already solved:

  • LBA 2 CD Image - Corrupt Files Issue
  • LBA 2 CD Image - English Dialouge Issues
  • LBA 2 CD Image - Car Issues

Issues we are working on:

  • Nothing / All Bugs Cleared

If you experience any issues with the car, speech, or corruption issues, complete the following steps:
  • Completely uninstall LBA 2 and remove all previous installations of Little Big Adventure 2.
  • Delete ALL remaining LBA 2 files from your LBA 2 install directory if the uninstall fails.
  • Download and reinstall our latest version of Little Big Adventure 2.
  • Start a brand new game.  Do not import previous saved games or settings!
  • The car and speech will work for the rest of the game by following the above steps.

If your problem persists, please start a new topic.

Your posts will help improve our releases!   ;D