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Title: LBAHQ Custom Versions Installation Guide
Post by: earnolmartin on September 06, 2009, 01:18:37 am
LBAHQ Little Big Adventure Installation Guide

Before Downloading The Game:

Before even beginning this process, please refer to the following posts:

Compatibility Guide (
Release Notes (

You need a 700MB blank CD.  If you don't have a blank CD, a blank DVD can be used.

After you have read the above posts, please make sure you have the following programs installed:

  • WinRar ( - Archive program that handles .rar archives

Downloading The Game:

LBAHQ's custom releases are distributed via CD images.  A CD image contains instructions for a CD / DVD burning program to burn a copy of the modified LBA games to a blank recordable CD.  These CD images are contained in .rar (WinRar) archives.  The archives need to be extracted to a temporary location that you can remember.  After the download has finished, double click on the .rar file you downloaded.  WinRar should launch and open the archive.  Click on the Extract button at the top, and WinRar will ask you where you want to extract the CD images for the LBA versions.  I'd recommend extracting the files to C:\LBA

Installing The Game:

LBAHQ offers LBA 1 in a Nero CD image format.  Thus, Nero ( is needed to make a disc containing the actual files for the installation.

LBAHQ offers LBA 2 in a Nero CD or Alcohol 120% CD image format.  Thus, Nero ( or Alcohol 120% ( is needed to make a disc containing the actual files for the installation.

However, if you do not want to use Nero or Alcohol because you don't own these programs, (Who doesn't own Nero?  lol just kidding), there is a free alternative.  Daemon-Tools Lite Edition ( allows you to create a virtual CD drive.  After installing Daemon Tools, right click on the Daemon Tools icon in the task pane (icon that looks like a reddish CD), and choose "mount image", then point Daemon Tools to the LBA images, which if you've been following this guide, should be located in C:\LBA

Now, go to Start --> My Computer --> double click the Virtual CD Drive, and double click on AutoRun.exe.  If Autorun.exe doesn't exist, run Setup.exe

If you do want to use Nero or Alcohol 120% to burn an actual physical disk, find the option to create a disc from an image, point Nero or Alcohol 120% to the LBA images, and click burn.  After the CD has been burned to one of your blank CDs, pop the CD back into your drive, and the setup should load automatically.  If it doesn't, go to Start --> My Computer -->  Double click on the CD drive, and double click on Setup.exe or Autorun.exe depending on if the files exist.  

Running the Game

Now that you have created the disc containing the installation of Little Big Adventure, launch the game's installation, follow the instructions, and finish the installation.  Double click on the shortcuts on your desktop to play the games.

Running LBA 1

Double click on your desktop shortcut to run LbaWin (XP Port) after the installation.

If you feel like LbaWin is an inaccurate port of the true original game, there are three methods ( to make LBA run in Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7.  

Running LBA 2

Double click on the shortcut found on your desktop.


Why do I have to the use the above programs?  Why couldn't this be released as an ISO file?

LBA contains two sessions on the CD.  ISO formats cannot support more than one session.  Thus, in order to give you a working copy, Nero, Alcohol, or Daemon Tools must be used to install the game and play it successfully.  If there was only one session, an ISO format would have been appropriate.  However, since there are two sessions, we had to use a NERO image format to make sure you have music in your games.

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